5 Benefits of a Crisis Evacuation Product

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Aspen’s Crisis Evacuation product was designed to help a range of clients, including but not limited to operations within the Education, NGO, Oil & Gas, Construction, Financial Services and Telecommunications industries. Typically, these businesses have permanent, overseas operations and/or their employees engage in significant international business travel.

There are a multitude of benefits that come with a Crisis Evacuation policy, including but not limited to:

  1. Access to Crisis24, providing expert advice in the event of an evacuation. Crisis24 are supported by global security leader GardaWorld, who have over 130,000 security professionals across 45+ countries and in 500+ locations worldwide.
  2. Rapid response to a range of incidents – a precision operation can be executed to safeguard and extract all impacted personnel facing political or civil violence, natural catastrophes and/or epidemics.
  3. Proactive support that is not reliant on governmental/organisational declarations in the event of political/civil violence and epidemics. If the crisis response provider judges that the insured person is in physical danger of political/civil violence, or if an epidemic has occurred within a reasonable proximity of the insured, which in the opinion of the crisis response provider has caused the complete or partial cessation of a client’s business operations, the policy will respond.
  4. Coverage for expatriates and local nationals, assisting a policyholder across their employee base and evacuating insured persons to their countries of residence or to the nearest place of safety.
  5. Salary endorsements, which can reimburse salary costs resulting from a crisis evacuation for up to 30 days, following an insured event.

For more information on our Crisis Evacuation policy, please read the FAQ’s or you may reach out to Aspen’s Crisis Management team.