We strive to make our web site as accessible as possible to everyone.

We’ve done this by adhering as far as we practically can to Level AA of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) produced by the Web’s standards-setting body, the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C).

This means that, for example:

● Images have alternative text (so if you can’t see the image you can still understand what it contains)

● Colour contrast between foreground and background is strong

● Text resizes according to user preference

● Headings are correctly used (they’re not just ordinary text made to look big and bold) so they can be read by screen readers

● Links make sense by themselves (e.g. no instances of links that say “Click here”)

● Where we use videos with sound, we provide a transcription

● Visual presentation is defined in ‘style sheets’ and is not embedded in the pages

● The website is easily accessible from mobile devices, tablets and desktop

● Each page is titled to describe the topic or purpose

● Videos more than 3 seconds- pause/stop option

● There is skipping of content areas whilst tabbing on the keyboard

● Screen reader feature and keyboard only navigation feature is available for desktop and mobile devices

● An error message shows up in case the user is missing information in forms to be submitted

● There is consistency between the pages on the website

Having difficulty viewing the site?
Most browsers now have built-in accessibility features such as the ability to increase the magnification of fonts, change the colour of the text and to turn off images and style-sheets.

If you would find screen text easier to read by increasing its size, you can usually adjust the view by pressing Ctrl + or Apple +. Otherwise, go into your browser settings:

● Safari: go to the View menu, select the zoom in option

● Firefox: go to the View menu, select Text Size and then select Increase. The same effect can be achieved by using the keyboard shortcut keys Ctrl and + at the same time.

● Chrome: go to the settings tab and click on Appearance. Make any changes that you need to from here

Should you have any further difficulty using this site or any suggestions for improvements, we’d be happy to hear from you. Please get in touch by contacting us.