In a changing world with increasingly complex risks, our reinsurance business offers a full suite of products organised around our core products Property, Casualty and Specialty.

We provide reinsurance products for Property, Casualty, and Specialty. To meet the needs of an ever-changing world with increasingly complex risks, our reinsurance teams’ partner with our customers to provide tailored, future-proof solutions.

Experience and innovation

To improve the excellence of our service we go further, beyond what many would expect from traditional reinsurance. We’re an inventive, thoughtful problem solver. One that looks at a problem from every angle, inside and outside the box, before making an informed recommendation.

With a clear head on experienced shoulders, we always have the best interests of our clients at heart. It’s in our nature to nurture long, lasting relationships with clients who have a strong underwriting track-record, as well as exposures that make transforming risk a vital aspect of their business needs.

Meet the team

Aspen Re is led by John Welch, Chief Underwriting Officer, Reinsurance. We are organized around three core platforms in the U.S., U.K. and Bermuda, and can call on a global network of underwriting hubs to support us.

At Aspen, we pride ourselves on our long-term relationships with clients. We work together with our customers on their reinsurance risk management solutions and have impressive expertise internationally to ensure we provide the best individual solution.

Our Reinsurance Products