Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

It's not just the right thing to do, it makes good business sense.

At Aspen, we believe that having a diverse, equitable and inclusive business is not just the right thing to do, it makes good business sense.  As a specialty insurer and reinsurer working with corporate clients to cover some of the most complex risks across the globe, having employees with a wide range of life experiences and perspectives is essential if we are to give our clients the innovative solutions they need.  This breadth of thinking is one of the key things our clients value about us.

We bring the same rigor we show in business to our work on DE&I. We agree each year a program of activity that will help us to attract and develop diverse talent and build a truly inclusive culture. This includes sponsorship programs for women, training for managers, global discussions on key diversity issues and early careers programs to attract a new and diverse workforce into insurance. And because data is our business, we report regularly on our progress to our Executive Committee.

Our work on DE&I is characterized by strong sponsorship from leaders.

As a woman who got her first job in insurance aged 16, I have a personal interest in making our industry truly diverse and inclusive.  I want to work in an organization that allows each person to bring their whole self to work and truly values diverse perspectives – whether that’s in a personal sense or in how we do business.  That’s why I volunteered to be an Executive Sponsor for DE&I at Aspen, because we will only make progress if leaders from right across the business are visible champions. There’s always more to do, but I’m very proud to be a standard bearer for this work at Aspen and a part of shaping our business – and our industry – for the future. 

Sarah Stanford Chief Executive Officer, Aspen UK

Our active employee networks are a model for how our people drive our business forward and represent our different territories and functions.

Aspen GAIN Gender and Inclusion Network

The mission of Aspen GAIN is to support and encourage awareness around gender-based issues in insurance. The network is open to everyone and focuses on building profile and educating the business on important topics. Global events include panel discussions addressing issues that women and men face as well as identifying key areas for improvement.

As a Chair of GAIN, it’s crucial for me to advocate for all voices to be heard and empower our colleagues to succeed. To me, DE&I means shifting away from biases and encouraging diverse perspectives, genuine equal opportunities, and respectful engagement. It’s ​a fundamental principle of human decency that can cultivate innovation, enhance performance, and strengthen trust in the corporate environment.

Giselle Yeung, GAIN Chair Bermuda

Aspen RESET Race and Ethnicity network

Aspen RESET’s mission is to provide a support system that fosters respect, awareness and inclusion by bringing together colleagues with a shared interest in cultural awareness and advancing race and ethnicity. They identify uncomfortable areas of discussion, provide a safe place for questions in the form of events, as well as profile prominent individuals from ethnic minority backgrounds; everyone is welcome.

Diversity and inclusion, for me, is more than just a box to check. We explore different ethnic backgrounds, cultures, and traditions. Being a part of RESET enables me to be a part of Aspen’s commitment to having a diverse, equitable and inclusive business and have the opportunity to align with colleagues who have the same vision of an inclusive workplace. It’s a group where ideas can be shared, and tough conversations had. 

Shakhai Trott, RESET Chair Bermuda