Aspen Capital Partners

Aspen Capital Partners brings together Aspen’s capabilities in capital markets and outwards reinsurance.  We leverage our team’s combined expertise to increase our flexibility in allocating risk to the best source of capital.

Aspen Capital Markets (ACM) offers investors a broad product suite including actively-managed fund products and fully aligned sidecar investments.  ACM has built a successful track record in both strategies since inception in 2013.

Outwards Reinsurance sources and services capital from the traditional reinsurance markets.

Aspen Capital Partners can leverage the full breadth of Aspen Insurance and Aspen Reinsurance’s capabilities including risk sourcing, underwriting, modelling, actuarial and claims.   As a result, our partners are able to invest across the full P&C Insurance landscape including shorter tail and longer tail business lines.

Brian Tobben
Brian Tobben

Chief Executive Officer Aspen Capital Partners

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