Credit & Political Risks

Businesses, banks and commercial government entities are increasingly exposed to credit and political risks across emerging economies and established markets.

Our clients are continuously exposed to an increasingly volatile geopolitical and macro-economic risk environment. By working as a team, CPR provides tailored and market leading solutions to our customers to help mitigate these risks and preserve capital.

Sacha Karlsson Head of Credit and Political Risk

Specialized solutions to challenging risk exposures

With the capacity and specialist expertise to help our clients manage the
specific credit and political risks faced by their businesses, Aspen Credit and
Political Risk team are able to deliver cost and capital effective insurance

Why Aspen?

Aspen CPR has 10 underwriters and 3 credit analysts based in London, with around 150 years of combined experience across the credit and political risk space, both within Insurance and in Financial Institutions. Such experience allows us to fully understand the risks faced by clients and provide coverage that best meets needs. Aspen also recognizes the need for innovative solutions in order to respond to market trends and is therefore able to provide bespoke covers and policies at clients’ request.   



The team can provide the following coverage types: 

  • Political Risk: insures against government expropriation of overseas investments and other forms of political risk the business may face.
  • Contract Frustration: insures against default and non- performance by state-owned entities and sovereigns.
  • Credit Risk: insures against non-payment by individual companies and financial institutions, including loans for general corporate purposes, export finance and trade contracts. Project Finance: insures against non-payment by the Borrower in project finance transactions.
  • Counterparty Credit Risk: for financial institutions, we also offer credit protection against non-payment of termination amounts due under ISDAs, including project finance swaps.
Coverage  Max Tenor  


Max Line Size 


Max Line Size 


Political Risk  10 / 15*  $75m  $60m 
Contract Frustration (‘CF’)  10 / 15*  $75m  $60m 
Credit Risk (‘CR’)  8  $75m  $60m 
Project Finance   15 / 20**  $75m  $60m 
Counterparty Credit Risk   6  $50m per obligor  $50m per obligor 

*15 years if Insured is an ECA or Multilateral  

** 20 years if Project Finance transaction is ESG-Favourable and bound on AIUK