Excess Casualty

We offer broad coverage, in-depth industry knowledge, responsive customer service and integrated claims handling.

In today’s litigation environment where casualty verdicts are reaching unprecedented values due to social inflation, nuclear verdicts a litigation funding, having the appropriate excess casualty program is more important than ever. At Aspen, our team of experienced and responsive underwriters and claims professionals are uniquely positioned to help insureds face this changing environment.

Richard Wagner Head of U.S. Excess Casualty

At Aspen, we are committed to providing bespoke casualty insurance solutions for a range of customers from the middle market space and Fortune 1000 clients with more complex risks. At the core of our underwriting philosophy is the desire to build long-term relationships that provide continued value to both our insureds and broker partners.

Paul Bland Head of International Excess Casualty

Protecting today’s businesses from unforeseen legal liabilities.

In an ever-complex business environment characterized by globalization, comes the possibility of more complex and catastrophic risks. It is only in the event of a potential catastrophe, which can severely disrupt or even shut down businesses where the value of a financially stable tower of general liability insurance comes to light.

Why Aspen?

Aspen Excess Casualty offers bespoke excess casualty coverage, in-depth industry knowledge, responsive customer service and integrated claims handling underwritten by specialist, empowered underwriters.

We pride ourself on being responsive. We bring a flexible approach to underwriting based on strong and mutually beneficial relationships with both clients and brokers dealing with a broad portfolio of excess casualty business.

Our team of specialist underwriters are located in New York, Chicago, Dallas, Atlanta, San Francisco, London, and Bermuda.


Product details

  • Excess umbrella, excess follow form or stand-alone liability coverages on occurrence, claims made or occurrence reported triggers.
  • Punitive damages cover is also available.
  • Aspen’s broad risk appetite consists of global Fortune 1000 Companies primarily domiciled in North America, construction, transportation, rail and products exposures; a wide range of manufacturers, retail establishments, real estate and service providers.
  • Admitted, surplus lines and self-procured paper available.

Individual product/Appetite Guide


  • Freight railroads.
  • Rapid transit (metro, subway, elevated).
  • At-grade urban (light rail, tram/streetcar/trolley).
  • Regional and commuter (Intercity, Corridor and Long Distance).
  • Scenic and excursion.
  • Metropolitan transit agencies.


  • Single project wrap up (OCIP and CCIP’s) and practice policies.
  • Complex infrastructure projects.
  • Commercial grade residential exposures.
  • Commercial general contractors.
  • For projects, maximum policy period of 7 years plus the statute of limitations for products-completed operations coverage.

Fortune 1000

A diverse spread of industry sectors risks including:

    • products,
    • light and heavy manufacturing,
    • chemicals,
    • food & drink,
    • multi-national companies with worldwide exposures including USA.

Lead participations can be considered depending on exposures and operations.


Do we service Wholesale and Retail?


Do we write admitted and Surplus lines


Do we write umbrella and lead excess?


What is our appetite for Commercial Auto?

Minimum attachment of $10M for fleets 100 vehicles or > 25 Heavy/Extra Heavy.

Minimum attachment of $25M for fleets > 250 vehicles.