Our Insurance business brings clarity from complexity through our comprehensive range of products designed to offer targeted solutions to our trading partners.

We deliver Clarity from ComplexityTM through a comprehensive range of targeted solutions. Solutions tailored to the individual risk.

Clarity from complexity turns risk into reward 

As a respected, recognized leader in select Specialty markets globally, we know it’s important to see the bigger picture, and focus on delivering an insightful, clear-minded, customer-centric service, from underwriting right through to claims.

Operating on both a global and regional basis, we can align our product and distribution capabilities to transform risk into reward and, threat into opportunity. For brokers, our clear-thinking and innovative mindset makes us an ideal partner to deliver effective, efficient risk management

Meet the team 

Aspen Insurance is led by Bruce Eisler who serves as Chief Underwriting Officer, Aspen Insurance, and Chief Executive Officer U.S.

Our product lines are led by a group of highly respected Insurance professionals and established industry experts, with an exceptional ability to create targeted product solutions.

Driven by collaborative culture, at Aspen we work as one team. We value the strong, deep relationships we have with trading partners and leverage significant technical underwriting expertise, and global platform and product capabilities to deliver creative solutions to meet our clients needs - exemplifying our purpose to bring ‘clarity from complexity’.

Our Casualty Products

Our Casualty portfolio is managed by Bill McElroy:

Our FINPRO Products

Our FinPro portfolio is managed by Justin Camara:

Our First Party Products

Our First Party portfolio is managed by Don Keahon:

Our Specialty Products

Our Specialty portfolio is managed by Erik Armellino: