We are committed to handling all claims efficiently and promptly.

The payment of claims is the primary reason for buying insurance or reinsurance and we are committed to handling all claims efficiently and promptly, demonstrating integrity and empathy.

Aspen strives to have a Claims Team that aspires to be a leader in every market where we do business and our proactive claims management and strong technical expertise helps ensure we can achieve high levels of customer satisfaction.

We achieve this through our Aspen Claims Principles:

Tony Rai

Group Chief Claims Officer


Our Claims team is committed to taking full ownership and responsibility for the claims we manage. We are honest and transparent in our decision making. We support you through the claim process, fostering an environment of trust and openness in order to deliver a market leading service from loss notification to closure.


We are global claims professionals who regularly deliver excellent claims service. Claims are assigned to our industry specialists best suited to manage them and they will bring empathy, a broad understanding of the coverage, and the depth of experience required for adjusting that type of claim.


We seek to be actively involved in the entire process to ensure you are getting the value-added service and knowledge of a team which aspires to be industry-leading and “punching above our weight”. Working with you is a key aspect of our process. We think outside-the-box to achieve creative solutions to difficult problems.


We empower every claim handler, to make the decisions necessary to resolve all claims they handle, in a manner consistent with market leading standards, supported by our collaborative work environment.


Our ability and experience adapting to a wide variety of claims ensures that our customers benefit from our specialized knowledge. We tailor services that work for you and your ever-changing needs in this dynamic marketplace. As a team, we effectively evolve with the risk environment.

Claims Contacts

Christopher Hughes

Global Head of FinPro Claims

Louise Pepper

Global Head of Specialty Reinsurance Claims


+44 20 7184 8739

Nick Brindley

Global Head of Specialty Insurance Claims


+44 20 7184 8054

Kevin Igoe

SVP, Global Head of First Party Insurance Claims


+1 617-938-9040

Greg Irons

SVP, Global Head of Casualty Insurance Claims


+1 617 532 7838

Marrisa Olsen

SVP, Global Head of Cyber Liability Claims


+1 201 539 2674