Interview with Bill Miller

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‘Aspen’s culture is team-first and inclusive, focused on transparency and collaboration.’

To kick off our series of conversations with Aspen leadership in 2022, we speak with our Group Chief Actuarial Officer Bill Miller

Tell us a little about you and your role.

I’ve been in the Actuarial field for more than 40 years and have held several roles in both primary insurance and consulting, working across Claims, Underwriting, Reinsurance, Analytics, Catastrophe and Capital Modelling. I joined Aspen as Group Chief Actuarial Officer in July 2021, and so far, it has been an exciting opportunity. This role has enabled me to use my various experiences to help the Actuarial team add substantive value to different areas of our business and drive more collaboration between the segments.

What do you think are the most important skills for a good Actuary?

I have found there to be three key skills to be a good Actuary. First, you need solid technical and analytical capabilities. Second, equally important is for the person to possess strong interpersonal and teamwork skills. And, last but certainly not least, a good Actuary needs to remain motivated and demonstrate a strong work ethic.

The Actuarial field is the perfect blend of a career that is technically challenging and rewarding, as well as people centric. Essentially, the insurance business is a relationship business, so Actuaries who can communicate their findings and analysis succinctly to people, both inside and outside of the Actuarial world, will thrive in this industry.

What part of being Group Chief Actuarial Officer at Aspen do you enjoy the most?

The beauty of being a part of an organization like Aspen is that, at our core, we are a collection of close-knit teams who enjoy the benefits of a nimble culture. There is constant communication across the different functions, which enables us to make decisions quickly and means one can truly create change and make a positive impact. I have touched many areas of insurance in my career, and what I enjoy most is that my role at Aspen has allowed me to take part in a great journey with the best possible people.

What are you most excited about for Aspen over the next 12 months?

I am excited about our Actuarial team’s growth as we are looking to hire more talent. With capabilities across Insurance, Reinsurance and Capital Market, I look to providing those just starting out the opportunity to work on various interesting and challenging projects, so they can develop their skills, learn the business and build a fruitful career here.

Finally, how would you sum up the culture at Aspen?

Our culture is team-first and inclusive, focused on transparency and collaboration. The Actuarial team members are based in London, Singapore, Zurich, Bermuda and the U.S. Despite being spread across geographies, what connects us is our common approach, shared goals and culture of partnership. This fosters empathy and thoughtfulness about what each of us can do to help one another.