Ex-Military Interns Making a Difference at Aspen

Aspen News

At Aspen, we strongly believe that a diverse workforce with varied backgrounds and experiences enriches our company and makes us a better business partner. To help us achieve this, we have implemented an ex-military internship program that allows us to draw on the unique skills and experiences of people who have spent time in the armed forces. The two-month program runs in the U.S. and the UK and provides an opportunity for these outstanding veterans to adapt their skill sets and ease the transition into civilian life and work.

Our ex-military interns have left a lasting impression on our hiring managers, leading to the continuous expansion of the program year after year. Many of our interns have received permanent job offers and then promotions throughout the organization.

Brittany Carrion ex-military Underwriting Intern reflected on her experience:

“As my internship at Aspen comes to a close, I want to reflect on the positive and encouraging atmosphere during my time here. Being a military veteran, my adaptability, discipline, and attention to detail were valuable assets that facilitated my transition into the role of a Professional Liability Underwriting Intern. Under the guidance and mentorship of my line manager, I have significantly improved my ability to analyze scenarios and assess positional risk associated with this role.

Throughout my journey, I have received tremendous support and valuable advice from my colleagues, who were always willing to impart their knowledge and expertise. My experience as a professional liability underwriter has been incredibly rewarding and fulfilling. Working at Aspen has contributed significantly to my professional development, and I am determined to carry these newfound skills with me as I head back to Fordham University for the final year of my MBA program.

I cherish the relationships I have built during my time here, and I hope to maintain these connections and perhaps even return one day to repay the kindness and opportunities Aspen has provided me through this internship.”

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