Aspen Supporting Causes Across the Globe

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Aspen offices across the globe have been making a difference in their local communities through charitable donations and support.

In Bermuda, Aspen is one year into supporting a 5-year environmental drive to create a coastal red mangrove project on Trunk Island in partnership with the Bermuda Zoological Society. Beginning in July, 2021, Aspen will give $25,000 each year for five years in support of the project’s mission, which involves clearing areas and planting mangrove seeds across the island, including areas with private landowners. In addition, the donation will go towards the BZS’s Living Classroom, which educates local school children on the importance of having mangroves in the ecosystem.

Mangrove forests offer protective buffer zones between land and sea, protecting the coastlines from erosion and flooding. Furthermore, these forests support numerous marine species, including fish, crab, shrimp, molluscs – as well as birds! In addition, mangroves store carbon in their roots and the surrounding soil, significantly reducing the rate of global warming. These ‘blue-carbon’ ecosystems are five times more effective at sequestering carbon than a terrestrial rainforest.

In the U.K., the Aspen London office supported the Barts Charity NHS Covid -19 Appeal. This charity has been focusing on assisting NHS staff who have gone through unprecedented times due to the pandemic. Aspen’s donation went towards providing permanent staff well-being hubs in five hospitals; a dedicated, clinical psychologist for each of the Barts Health NHS Trust hospitals; and much needed refurbishments that were made to the staff rooms and shower facilities.

Barts Charity works alongside Barts Health NHS Trust hospitals, and Barts and the London School of Medicine and Dentistry to support care excellence in East London and fund world-leading medical research. Aspen’s relationship with Barts Charity goes back to more than a decade of helping this organization through corporate and employee donations, local volunteerism and fundraising efforts.

In the U.S., the Rocky Hill office donated $5,000 to Huneebee Project located in New Haven, Connecticut. The Huneebee Project was established in 2018, with proceeds going toward beehive installations in under-resourced neighborhoods and community gardens, and apprenticeships and employment of local youth. In addition, they fund programs and educational activities for the underprivileged between the ages of 15-23. Through their roles and with the support of licensed mental health professionals who serve as mentors, youth are empowered to think of themselves as worthy change agents, as beekeepers and as entrepreneurs.

The funds from Aspen’s donation are being used to further to meet the increasing demands of a growing organization, support local youth in the context of COVID-19 as mental health needs and operational costs rise, and promote the need for conversation as threats associated with climate change continue to negatively affect bees and their habitat.

Adam Barboza, Aspen’s Director of Corporate Social Responsibility said: “It’s great to see Aspen’s impact across the globe. We are keen to support the local communities surrounding our offices where we can. Whether it be focusing on the environment, education or welfare, our CSR committees work hard to find the correct partnerships and I think it’s evident that they are making a huge difference.”

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