Aspen Launches ASCEND School Leavers Program

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On Monday, March 4, we welcomed seven apprentices to the London office as part of the pilot for our ASCEND School Leaver Program. The group join us across our Claims, Underwriting and Business and Insurance Operations functions.

The ASCEND program is designed for students aged 18+ to apply immediately following the completion of school. The apprenticeships provide directed work experience for a variety of positions in the insurance industry, as well as to support students in attaining an apprenticeship alongside professional qualifications, including the Cert CII. The program is built around both hands-on, day-to-day work and offsite development, which includes virtual classroom learning and workshops and 1:1 coaching from industry practitioners.

Upon joining Aspen, our first cohort of apprentices said:

“I wanted to take part in an apprenticeship program because it offers the opportunity to learn in a more dynamic way. It gives me an opportunity to network and build connections, whilst growing key skills needed to be successful in the workplace. I’m excited to learn more about insurance and the role that claims has within the industry.”

Thomas Gudino, Claims Apprentice

“I chose to go into an apprenticeship because I thought I’d benefit from real work experience, rather than staying in the school system. It gives me an opportunity to gain valuable experience and grow as a person, as well as kickstarting my career. I’m excited to learn from my peers and develop whilst being mentored at Aspen.”

Mia Watkins, Underwriting Operations Apprentice

“An apprenticeship was perfect to me because it offers the opportunity to work towards a degree-equivalent qualification whilst also working. Giving me ample chance to apply my studies to the real-life working environment. I’m excited for my future at Aspen because it’s all new to me, I’m excited to meet new people, get familiar with working and ultimately make a positive impact to the company.”

Lauren Oliver, Business Administration Apprentice

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