Aspen’s Marine team provides superior service, technical expertise and a broad appetite for all lines of Inland Marine and Ocean Marine business.

With a focus on technical underwriting and a strong distribution, Aspen’s marine team have a number of niche inland marine and ocean marine products. 

The team strives to build a balanced and diversified portfolio, applying cyclical or counter-cyclical strategies to achieve consistent and profitable results. The team actively chooses market segments locally and aligns products and partners to create a competitive advantage and exploit market opportunities as they arise. Their underwriting and operational framework combines a technical approach to risk selection and a disciplined approach to underwriting guidelines, rating plans, authorities, together with both a strict referral process and a peer review process. 

Aspen values strong partnerships with producers and clients, believing that sustainable relationships are built on a foundation of mutual respect and long-term profitability. The team will continue to expand production in order to develop a greater spread of business with the large National brokers, regional wholesale producers as well as the smaller local brokers/agents. 

Don Keahon

Portfolio Director First Party

Aspen’s team of Inland Marine specialists is dedicated to providing the best service in the market. We recognize that responsiveness is a key ingredient to success when working with your Inland Marine clients. Our team of underwriters has the experience and authority to provide tailored programs for your client’s needs. We offer a broad range of customized products to an exclusive group of specialized marine retail and wholesale distribution partners. 

We have 11 speciality Inland underwriters across the U.S. that can write admitted and non-admitted on various coverage forms. We offer tailored risk engineering services to our clients and brokers to help assist with managing risk. Our seasoned claims team has the experience and reputation to handle evolving complexity and trends seen in our industry vertical. 

  • Fine Art
    Preferred Risks: Museums, Galleries and Dealers, Private Collections, Exhibitions (including excess layers for exhibitions), Auction Houses, Historic Societies, Institutional & Corporate Collections 
  • Builders Risk
    Preferred Risks: Non-combustible or better, ground up new construction and renovation projects, Frame and joisted masonry construction projects for small commercial and single family homes, Installation projects for trade contractors 
  • Contractors Equipment
    Preferred Risks: Contractors equipment for a wide range of contractors, Contingent leased property and floor plan for equipment dealers, Installation projects for trade contractors 
  • Miscellaneous Floaters
    Preferred Risks:
    Scheduled property of all types, Entertainment-related property, Medical Equipment, Marine Property 
  • Solar Risks
    Preferred Risks: Builders Risks of solar farms and installation of solar panels, Operational Risks 
  • Warehouse Legal Liability
  • Motor Truck Cargo

Aspen’s team of Ocean Marine specialists provides creative solutions and services to satisfy your clients’ unique needs. Our underwriting specialists are well versed in local markets, maintain up to date knowledge of the ever changing market conditions and the technical aspects of the business to create the right solutions for your and your clients. 

We have a dedicated team of underwriters that can provide solutions in any region of the United States and Puerto Rico. Our underwriters are based in San Francisco, New York, Puerto Rico and Seattle and have an extensive knowledge in the entire range of ocean marine products including cargo, project cargo, marine liabilities, recreational and commercial Hull and P&I. We also have a dedicated risk engineering department to assist your clients in analyzing loss trends, proactive risk management planning, technical reviews and surveying.  Further, our claims staff has decades of experience managing complex marine claims. 

Hull/P&I/Builders Risk 

  • Brown Water
  • Green Water
  • Builders Risk
    Preferred Risks: Utility, Supply Boats, Barges (various types), Crew Boats, Work Boats, Launch Boats, Passenger Ferry Vessels, Pilot Vessels, Shipyard Covers for Builders Risk, Research Vessel Operators, Municipal Hull (fire, police, schools) 


  • General Cargo
    Preferred Risks: Logistics Companies (cargo legal/shippers interest), Break Bulk, Bulk Commodities (grain, oil, coal), Manufacturing, General Containerized Freight 
  • Project Cargo / DSU
    Preferred Risks: Owner or Contractor Controlled, Renewables, Power Generation, Oil & Gas/Refining, LNG/Petrochemicals, Mining, Pharmaceutical Plants, Ports Expansion, 

Bridge Building/Rail/Tunnels 

  • Freight Forwarders Legal Liability
  • Carriers Legal Liability

Marine Liabilities 

  • Primary Marine Liability
  • Excess Marine Liability
  • Marine General Liability Package
  • Pollution Liabilities
    Preferred Risks: Ship Repairers, Marine Contractors, Wharfingers Operators, 


Blue Waters Insurers, Corp. is a local San Juan-based, specialist marine insurance agency owned by Aspen.

Blue Waters is a recognized leader in the Puerto Rican Marine market, reflecting the intellectual capital and deep technical marine risk engineering expertise within the company.

Its marine products are available on an admitted basis through Aspen American Insurance Company.

Our Service

Blue Waters is dedicated to providing insurance products that provide quality protection with value pricing through Risk selection and portfolio management, specialized inspection and claim settlement management and an aggressive catastrophic management program.

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Senior Vice President, Head of Ocean Marine

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