U.S. Primary Casualty

At Aspen, we create flexible, customized and creative solutions, aiming to deliver both expertise and customer service.

We strive to build long-term customer relationships that provide continued value. Our experienced underwriting staff can develop tailored solutions to assist in the management of your most challenging risks.


  • Commercial General Liability – Claims-Made or Occurrence
  • Products/Completed Operations – Claims-Made or Occurrence
  • Liquor Liability Coverage – included with CGL

Policy Terms

  • Annual Coverage or Project Term Coverage – up to 60 months
  • Discontinued Coverage – up to 36 months

Limits and Attachments

  • $1 million/$2 million/$2 million up to $2 million/$4 million/$4 million
  • Per Project/Per Location Aggregates with Cap]
  • Aggregate Reinstatements – subject to underwriting criteria
  • Guaranteed Cost, Deductibles or SIRs – Aggregates available
  • Defense inside or outside the limits

Minimum Premiums

Generally $50,000 (can vary based on limits, attachments and class of business)

Risk Appetite & Underwriting


  • Target risks with gross sales of $5 million – $2 billion
  • Moderate to High Hazard risks with measurable exposures, existing loss control and/or risk management procedures in place
  • Severity loss potential preferred over frequency

Preferred Risks

Manufacturers, Wholesale/Retail, Importers

  • Mechanical, Electrical, Engines, Turbines, Pipes, Tubes, Valves and Compressors
  • Industrial Machinery Equipment and Parts including Material Handling
  • Non-Invasive Medical Devices
  • Non-Critical Automobile Parts
  • Plastic or Rubber goods
  • Sporting Goods and Exercise Equipment
  • Retail/Wholesale – Grocery, Department, Home Improvement


  • Annual Practice – General Contractors or Specialized Trade Contractors, repair or remodelling on both commercial and residential structures
  • Project Specific – General Contractors, Developers and Owners Interest – project focus on new commercial structures, Type 1 (concrete and steel), residential structures in non CD States

Real Estate

  • Commercial Owners and Managers, including mixed use
  • Residential Managers and Owners – Apartments and Condos
  • Public Entity – Park Districts, Prisons, excluding all professional
    Hospitality (including Liquor)
  • Restaurants
  • Casinos, Neighbourhood Lounges, Bars and Taverns
  • Hotels and Conference Centres
  • Special Events


  • Unique exposures and operations
Rebecca Gitig
Rebecca Gitig

Head of U.S. Primary Liability