Aspen's dedicated, global team of railroad professionals bring a fresh, flexible approach to underwriting and risk management based on strong and mutually beneficial relationships.

With a focus on best-in-class service, transparency and a flexible approach to underwriting. Aspen Railroad is strategically positioned to build long-term, mutually beneficial relationships with their trading partners and their clients. 

Our Railroad underwriters have 100 years of industry experience between them. They have an in-depth understanding of North American railroad risks and write policies through our Baltimore and New Jersey offices.  

At Aspen, we understand the nuances of coverage associated with railroad products, and recognize that it is critical that we offer creative solutions and staying power. All of our products are inclusive of supporting the insured through the claims process, with our dedicated claims team. 

David Adamczyk

Executive Vice President, US Railroad

  • Railroad Liability for Short lines, Regional and Commuter Railroads   
  • General Liability for the Railroad Support industry 
  • Contingent liability for lessors risk 
  • Excursion liability for tourist/Dinner train type operations 
  • Excess liability over all product lines Aspen railroad offers 
  • Railroad Protective Liability for all size jobs
  • Freight Railroads
  • Passenger Railroads
  • Railcar Lessors and Lessees
  • Railroad Contractors
  • Suppliers
  • Service Providers and Product Manufacturers
  • Track Owners and Customers looking for Railroad Protective Liability