How to Notify a Claim

How to Notify a Claim – First Report

Using our website:
Submit your claim and any related information using the form below making sure you select your policy prefix depending on your region and policy.

By agent/broker:
Request assistance from your assigned agent/broker.  The agent/broker will send an email on behalf of the insured and will become the primary contact for the claim.

How we handle your Claim

Within 72 hours, you will receive an acknowledgement email providing you with the assigned claims handler’s name, email address and phone number.

The assigned claims handler is your direct contact for your claim and is responsible for providing updates relating to the claim.

If you would prefer to speak to one of our claims contacts you can find contact details here.

US Insurance – contact email addresses by policy prefix:

US Professional Liability 
“AAAE”, “AAI”, “ASMB”, “ASP”, “LB”, “LP”, “LR”, “LX”
US Property
“AB”, “PB”, “PP”, “PR”, “PX”
US Marine Energy & Construction
“BW”, “CM”, “CN”, “IM”, “IZ”, “MI”, “OC”, “OM”, “OZ”, “RM”
Cyber Claims
“AX”, “AY”
Casualty Claims
“CB”, “CP”, “CR”, “CV”, “CX”, “RC”, “RG”, “RL”, “RP”, “RR”, “RT”
Environmental Claims 
“ER”, “EX”
Management Liability
“DSUMLP”, “DSUNP”, “EL”, “MC”, “MF”
Products Recall
“NC”, “NL”, “NR”, “NX”,

International & UK Insurance – contact email addresses by policy prefix:

Should you wish to make a claim, you will need to contact the appropriate claims team via the email addresses below, which can include notifying a claim to our carefully selected third parties who will handle the claim on behalf of Aspen Insurance. The contact email address where a claim needs to be notified will depend on the type of policy you have, which is recognized by the first two characters of the policy number. Should you have any issues reaching the required contact, please reach out to one of our claims contacts here who will be happy to assist you.

Excess Casualty
“KO”, “O0”  
UK Liability
“I” –
“I” ref policy notifications –
“I” ref local authority notifications
Professional & Financial Lines
“DL”, “FI”, “FP” “X0”, “TP”, “S0”
ARML Claims
“UK” –
“UK” ref notifications
Marine & Energy
“E0”, “L0”, “H0”, “SP”
“NE”, “NP”

Bermuda Insurance – contact email addresses by policy prefix:

Management Liability
Professional Liability
Excess Casualty
“ED”, “PD*”, “BE”

Loss Portfolio Transfer Agreement

Aspen have entered into a Loss Portfolio Transfer (LPT) with Enstar for all 2019 and prior accident year losses, with effect from 1 July 2022.

Under the LPT arrangement Aspen’s commitment to provide a fair, efficient, and prompt claims service will be maintained, albeit delivered by Enstar as a strategic claims partner, responsible for the management and administration of most 2019 & prior year claims.

Our aspiration to be a leader in every market we operate in is further strengthened by the technical claims expertise that will be delivered by both Aspen and Enstar.

As a policyholder of Aspen, you should not be impacted by the LPT arrangement. But what does this mean in practice:

  • your policy terms and conditions remain unchanged
  • the process for reporting, notifying, and paying claims remains unchanged
  • the management and handling of 2019 & prior year losses does change, and most such claims will now be managed by Enstar from 1 July 2022. This will result in a new contact point for the management of open and newly notified 2019 & prior year claims, which Aspen will support and have oversight of.