Mark Cloutier Receives CEO of the Year Award at the Inside P&C Honors

Aspen News

Aspen’s Executive Chairman and Group Chief Executive Officer, Mark Cloutier, received the CEO of the year award at the New York Inside P&C Honors on September 27. Aspen was also shortlisted for the Carrier of the Year award.

Upon receiving the award, Mark Cloutier said:

“The accomplishments that have been mentioned leading to me receiving this award are not the work of one individual; rather, they are the result of the dedicated efforts of a team of nearly a thousand individuals, a team I often refer to as our Aspen community.

The Aspen community is a team of people that I’m proud and feel deeply honoured to be one small part of. A team that believed in and got behind a common purpose and set of values, to make Aspen not only a top performing business but also a better member in and contributor to the communities we serve and live in.

Through the power of shared purpose and values, diverse backgrounds, varied perspectives, collaboration, respectful debate, and hard work, we have set our business on a clear path of continuous improvement. As well as expanding our contribution to our communities and the lives around us.

However, our journey is far from complete. We acknowledge with humility that there is much room for growth and development, both in our internal interactions and in our roles within the broader community. And we look forward with enthusiasm to those learnings and continued self-improvement.

Thank you to each and every one of my Aspen teammates for letting me onto the team and for joining in the journey.  For sharing your views, wisdom and efforts and giving your best to the cause.

On behalf of the entire Aspen team, I would like to convey our appreciation to Inside P&C and the selection panel. We are deeply grateful, honored, and humbled by your recognition of our ongoing efforts and achievements so far.”