Innovation from the Aspen CPR Team

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To facilitate the increasing volume and growing complexity of risks, the Aspen Credit & Political & Risks (CPR) team has created a Workflow and Aggregation System, which automates their policies and procedures, increases operational efficiencies and provides best-in-class data and analytics.

Through the team’s collaboration with Aspen IT & Genpact, this platform will serve as a “one stop shop” for the entire underwriting process.

Key Benefits:

  • Day-to-day transactional efficiencies: improved speed and accuracy of responses on individual enquiries
  • Best-in-class data and analytics: clearer view of Aspen’s appetite and strategy shared with external stakeholders
  • Future technological integration: even greater efficiencies in Aspen’s underwriting process planned
  • Investment of resources by management: proven commitment to transform complex risks through the most efficient and innovative solutions

This Workflow and Aggregation System represents a momentous step forward in Aspen’s digitalization strategy. Dan Osman, Head of Aspen Insurance Credit & Political Risk, said: “The insurance world is evolving with ever more digital platforms. The need to be connected and use big data has never been so great. This platform will enable Aspen CPR to service clients and brokers more quickly and efficiently, delivering increased underwriting capabilities and establishing a platform for further digital integration. It is the culmination of significant work by the CPR and the Aspen Information Technology developers to deliver a first-class customer service.”

Kevin Ruiz, Head of IT Business Engagement & Program Delivery, said: “The new CPR Underwriting Platform is another step forward in Aspen’s digital strategy and illustrates our commitment to leveraging technology to deliver enhanced Underwriting agility that enables our Underwriters to better serve our clients.”


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