Aspen Recycles Equipment for Good Causes

Aspen News

Around the world, Aspen has been donating and recycling used equipment, as part of its commitment to sustainability and corporate philanthropy to create a positive environmental impact.

In Singapore, Aspen’s used equipment was donated to People Stories, a charity that sells equipment to fund scholarships and provide greater access to education to communities in need through community projects. The money raised went to help underprivileged children in rural Cambodia complete their education through “school for life” scholarships and teacher upskilling.

The London office supported a circular economy with the help of the organization Greensafe. By utilizing their secure IT asset disposal, refurbishment and recycling services, 8,565 pieces of Aspen IT equipment weighing 14,952kg saved 1,269,040 tons of CO2 through reuse, and 8,703.5 tons of CO2was saved through recycling.

In the U.S., 236 iPhones were donated to Dress for Success, a global not-for-profit organization empowering woman to achieve economic independence through a network of support, professional attire, and development tools. And, last year, the Rocky Hill office donated $5,000 to Dress for Success Hartford, sponsoring the 2021 Capital Catwalk fundraising event. Sara Avatapalli, Executive Director of Dress for Success Hartford, said: “When you help a woman, you help an entire community. Aspen’s support of our mission will have an immediate impact on our ability to provide women we serve with career development programs and services. These efforts will assist our organization to continue our mission and give women the chance to take charge of their lives and forge stronger futures.”

Adam Barbozza, Director of Corporate Social Responsibility said: “Aspen is passionate about having a positive impact on the environment and creating opportunities in our global and local communities. By being in it together, using the power or partnerships, we contribute to make a difference. Our corporate social responsibility pillars are focused on the environment; by doing our part to reduce the effects of climate change, creating innovative solutions for biodiversity and creating future opportunities in our communities through reducing inequalities, supporting health and wellbeing and fostering quality education. Through a great team effort at Aspen…the upcycling of our retired IT equipment helps us achieve both goals. This collaboration helped to refresh outdated policies at Aspen so that we could repurpose our equipment to people in need and not send it to land fill.”

Learn more about Aspen’s ESG efforts here.