Aspen Launches Cyber Risk Management Services Globally, Supported by Surefire Cyber

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Hamilton, Bermuda, January 8, 2024 –Aspen Insurance Holdings Limited (“Aspen”) has partnered with Surefire Cyber to launch Aspen Cyber Risk Services (ACRS), a complimentary and high impact suite of services that will enable its primary cyber insureds to proactively tackle cybersecurity threats, from pre-incident to response and resilience.

This new offering, which is provided on policies sold globally, will be available to Aspen’s primary cyber insureds using industry-leading law, technology, digital forensics, focusing on analytical issues at the nexus of risk management and cybersecurity.

U.S. based Surefire Cyber’s delivery is built on a tech-enabled platform, a first-class team of experts that demonstrates empathy and critical thinking, and a robust suite of services that includes an end-to-end incident response, digital forensics, skilled negotiation and proven restoration capabilities. Through its partnership with Aspen, ACRS will be able to help its customers assess and prepare for cyber incidents, respond more swiftly and stronger when an incident occurs and help gauge the effectiveness of an organization’s controls as well as provide recommendations to improve their resilience to ransomware events.

Aspen’s primary cyber insureds will be able to select one tailored service at no charge during each policy period. These services could include a: technical tabletop exercise; ransomware resilience assessment; cybersecurity improvement plan; legal tabletop exercise or code red alerts*.

A unique differentiator is the ransomware resilience assessment, which tests network defenses by simulating a real-world ransomware attack, using the current tactics, techniques and procedures of major ransomware groups. This is followed by a workshop presenting the attacker’s perspective of what assets and data could have been compromised in the attack. The ACRS data-driven offering will allow customers to make effective contingency plans and detect attackers before incidents escalate.

Bobby Bianconi, Aspen Insurance Global Head of Cyber, said: “As threats in cybersecurity continue to increase, ACRS will empower customers to detect risks at an early stage and provide them with the tools needed to respond swiftly and decisively. We are delighted to partner with Surefire Cyber’s first-class team of experts to deliver this powerful offering globally to our insureds as the cyber-threat landscape continues evolving rapidly.”

Billy Gouveia, Surefire Cyber CEO, added: “Ransomware continues to plague organizations across all industries, but with proper planning they can mitigate the risk. Our team is excited to be working with Aspen to offer their primary cyber insureds a suite of pre-loss services to improve their cybersecurity posture.”

*Legal tabletop exercise and code red alerts will be provided through other service providers.