Aspen Innovation Awards

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At the end of last year the Aspen Innovation Working Group announced the Company’s first ever Innovation Awards, which were designed to foster innovation and celebrate employees who have taken the initiative to implement ideas that were either new to Aspen or to their particular team or business segment. An impressive number of entries were received from across the organization and, due to the quality of the submissions, the Group decided to increase the number of awards from three to four Award Winners!

The winning entries were recently announced and included the following innovations:

  • A collaboration between Aspen’s product team and IT to create an underwriting workbench that enables better access to data, while reduces manual data input and rekeying.
  • A partnership with a wholesale broker and e-trade platform to access underwriting opportunities in a specialty business line.
  • A number of initiatives from the HR team including the launch of a military internship program and the adoption of a mental health first aider program in the U.K.
  • A bulk policy documentation system, which was developed through the combined efforts of IT and a product team, to automate processes, save time and further enhance client service.

All of Aspen’s Award Winners brought creative thinking to the table, and their solutions have made a positive impact on one or more of our key stakeholders, including our insureds, brokers, business partners, colleagues and local communities. As part of the awards, the winning teams will each make a donation to a charity of their choice.

Innovation Working Group Chair, Jonny Atkinson, said: “It was a real pleasure to read all the Award entries, and the fact that we decided to increase the number of winners is testament to their quality. What we particularly welcomed was seeing the extent to which inter-team collaboration played a part in the most successful innovation activities. It’s clear that when we work in partnerships with our colleagues – whether from specific teams or with people from across our business, we can deliver really outstanding results.”