UK Property and Construction

The Aspen’s UK Corporate Property & Construction team seek to be different from the ‘average insurer’.

At Aspen, we start by recognizing your primary need: to accept your risk at a fair price, and to keep people in business when things don’t go to plan. 

As well as non-complex risks, we excel at unusual or special circumstances. You can expect us to be interested in risks that many of our competitors appear less confident in taking. 

UK Property & Construction is structured into three underwriting teams, each dedicated to addressing the insurance needs of particular market segments: Property Investors, Business & Public Sector, and Construction. 

This individual focus is harmonized to ensure an integrated approach to case/broker/trade sector management, without diluting the excellent underwriting and analytical skill inherent in Aspen. 

We work in collaboration with our UK & International Casualty Underwriters to provide cross-class solutions for our clients and broker partners. 

Paul Gatland

Head of UK Property & Construction