Aspen’s Marine team provides superior service, technical expertise and a broad appetite for all lines of Inland Marine and Ocean Marine business.


Aspen’s Marine team provides superior service, technical expertise and a broad appetite for all lines of Inland Marine and Ocean Marine business.

We have a team of Inland Marine and Ocean Marine specialists in our local offices across the United States.  The team has built a diversified portfolio by combining technical underwriting, risk control, specialized claims and a national footprint of distribution partners throughout the US.

Aspen’s Marine strategy is focused on niche Inland Marine, Ocean Cargo, Logistics, Marine Liability, and Marine Hull.

Inland Marine

Aspen’s team of Inland Marine specialists is dedicated to providing the best service in the market. We recognize that responsiveness is a key ingredient to success when working with your Inland Marine clients. Our team of underwriters has the experience and authority to provide tailored programs for your client’s needs.

We offer a broad range of customized products to an exclusive group of specialized marine retail and wholesale distribution partners.

Aspen Inland Marine’s target segments include Construction, Renewable Energy, Fine Art, Transportation and Storage and Specialized Floater business.

Don Keahon
Don Keahon

Executive Vice President, Head of U.S. First Party


Aspen’s team of Construction specialists understands that the construction industry changes by the day.  With changes abound it is more important than ever to build a strong foundation with superior products, technical underwriting, and a collaborative approach with risk control and claims.  Our goal is to provide a total first party solution to your construction client’s needs.  Our products include Builders Risk, Installation, Contractors Equipment and Property.

Our Builders Risk, Installation and Contractors Equipment products are designed to support a wide range of construction operations including ground up new construction, renovations, infrastructure projects and street and road work.

Renewable Energy

Aspen’s Inland Marine team understands the unique exposures associated with your Solar clients.  We target both Solar construction risks as well as Solar operational risks.  Our clients include solar installation contractors and both commercial and residential operational exposures.

Fine Art

Fine Arts and unique valuables require a specialized insurance product and an underwriting team with experience in this market.  We understand the intricacies of the art marketplace and provide a distinctive underwriting approach by and experienced and knowledgeable staff allowing us to take a creative approach to cover your clients’ most treasured possessions.

Aspen has a broad appetite for Fine Arts that includes museums, galleries, dealers, exhibitions, churches and religious organizations, historic societies and private collectors.

Transportation & Storage

Aspen’s Motor Truck Cargo approach was developed with their clients’ needs in mind.  Our product is designed to insure the exposures you see coming and those that are just around the bend.  Our team of transportation specialists focuses on a wide variety of trucking risks, focusing primarily on motor carriers with up to 20 units and insurable limits up to $250,000.

Our target commodities include construction materials, non-retail electronics, paper goods, cement sand and gravel, general retail and general commodities.

Unique Floater Property

Aspen’s team of Inland Marine specialists understand the unique exposures associated with Floater business.  Our experienced underwriting staff takes a solution based approach to tailoring the right coverage for your client’s specific needs.  Our broad appetite includes EDP Equipment, Miscellaneous Articles, Medical Equipment, Camera Equipment, Theatrical Property, Communication Property and Leased Property.

Ocean Cargo

Aspen’s team of Ocean Marine underwriters offers superior service, technical expertise and a broad appetite.  We have a team of ocean cargo specialists in our local offices across the United States.  We write a diverse portfolio of importers and exporters, manufacturers, freight forwarders, logistic providers, wholesalers and retailers, distributors and heavy/oversized project cargo.  Our commitment to our customers is to provide an integrated approach between our team of technical underwriters, risk control and marine claims specialists.

Marine Liabilities

Aspen’s underwriting team understands the complex nature of the marine liability line of business.

From local independent artisan contractors to large marine construction exposure, our team has the expertise and experience to craft unique solutions to each of these risks.  Our portfolio of marine contractors, ship repairer and other marine service providers is based on a technical understanding of their business and exposures.

We pride ourselves on the diversity of our portfolio and ability handle any risk.

Marine Hull

Aspen’s Ocean marine team offers a wide range of technical underwriting capability for the dynamic hull market.  Working closely with our team of risk engineers, we understand the challenges and needs of our marine hull clients.  We take a proactive approach to understand our clients operations.

Our portfolio includes a wide variety of hull risks including research and excursion operations, tug and barge, ship assist and other unique commercial hull types.

Blue Waters Insurers Corp

Blue Waters Insurers, Corp. is a local San Juan-based, specialist marine insurance agency owned by Aspen.

Blue Waters is a recognized leader in the Puerto Rican Marine market, reflecting the intellectual capital and deep technical marine risk engineering expertise within the company.

Its marine products are available on an admitted basis through Aspen American Insurance Company.

Our Service

Blue Waters is dedicated to providing insurance products that provide quality protection with value pricing through Risk selection and portfolio management, specialized inspection and claim settlement management and an aggressive catastrophic management program


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