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Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA)

Welcome to the FATCA section of the Aspen website

If you have any queries in respect of FATCA for the Aspen Group please email fatca@aspen.co.

2019 W-8BEN-E for Non-US Entities (pdf)

Aspen Bermuda Limited

2018 W-8BEN-E for Non-US Entities (pdf)

Aspen Insurance UK Limited
Aspen Insurance UK Limited - Canada
Aspen Insurance UK Limited - Dublin
Aspen Insurance UK Limited - Paris
Aspen Insurance UK Limited - Singapore
Aspen Insurance UK Limited - Australia
Aspen Insurance UK Limited- Cologne
Aspen Insurance UK Limited - Zurich Reinsurance branch
Aspen Insurance UK Limited - Zurich Insurance branch
Aspen Capital Management Limited
Aspen Cat Fund Limited
Aspen Insurance Holdings Limited
Aspen European Holdings
Aspen Insurance UK Services Limited
AIUK Trustees Limited
Aspen (UK) Holdings Limited
Aspen (US) Holdings Limited
Aspen Recoveries Limited
Peregrine Reinsurance Limited 
Aspen Risk Management Limited
Aspen Underwriting Limited
APJ Asset Protection Jersey Limited
APJ Continuation Limited
Silverton Re
Acorn Limited
Aspen Singapore PTE Limited

2018 W-8IMY (pdf)

Aspen Managing Agency Limited
Apsen Risk Management Limited
Aspen UK Syndicate Services Limited
Aspen UK Syndicate Services Limited - Dubai Branch

2019 W-9 for US Entities (pdf)

Aspen American Insurance Company
Aspen Capital Advisors, Inc.
Aspen Re America, Inc.
Aspen Specialty Insurance Company
Aspen Specialty Insurance Management, Inc.
Aspen Specialty Insurance Solutions, LLC
Aspen U.S. Holdings, Inc.
Aspen Insurance U.S. Services, Inc.