UK Property and Construction

The Aspen’s UK Corporate Property & Construction team seek to be different from the ‘average insurer’.

At Aspen, we start by recognising your primary need: to accept your risk at a fair price, and to keep people in business when things don’t go to plan.

As well as non-complex risks, we excel at unusual or special circumstances. You can expect us to be interested in risks that many of our competitors appear less confident in taking.

UK Corporate Property & Casualty is structured as five underwriting teams, each dedicated to addressing the insurance needs of particular market segments: Property Investors, Business & Community, Construction, Liability and DUA.

This individual focus is harmonised to ensure an integrated approach to case/broker/trade sector management, without diluting the excellent underwriting and analytical skill inherent in Aspen.

UK Property and Construction

Working with brokers and clients to offer innovative underwriting solutions.

Our team of underwriters have many years’ experience in these specialist fields, providing the knowledge and expertise to address a range of insurance needs. We work to keep companies in business by providing tailored cover for the unexpected at a sustainable price, whether the risks are straight-forward or complex: our underwriters excel at judging unusual or special circumstances. Aspen’s expertise and market knowledge allows us to underwrite risk from which other insurance companies may shy away.

Paul Gatland

Head of UK Property & Construction