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Aspen Capital Markets

Brian Tobben

CEO Aspen Capital Markets

Tel: +1 646 289 4943

Aspen Capital Markets was established in April 2013 to expand Aspen's participation in the alternative reinsurance market

The focus of the team is to develop alternative reinsurance structures to leverage Aspen's existing underwriting franchise, increase our operational flexibility in the capital markets and provide investors direct access to our underwriting expertise.

Aspen Capital Markets is led by Brian Tobben.


Sal Tucci

Sal Tucci

Director, Aspen Capital Markets

T: +1 441 297 9360

E: sal.tucci@aspen.co

Jimmy Lee

Jimmy Lee

Director, Capital Markets

T: +1 646 289 4915

E: james.lee@aspen-re.com

Justin Hull

Justin Hull

Portfolio Manager, Aspen Capital Markets

T: +1 646 289 4953

E: justin.hull@aspen.co