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Property Catastrophe

We specialize in writing property catastrophe across the world.

Our success is the result of our strong catastrophe management controls and the long-term relationships with build with our clients, giving us a detailed understanding of their exposures.

Our experienced underwriting teams use their expertise, cutting edge catastrophe models and analytical tools and deep knowledge of our clients' requirements to set terms in this class and deliver capacity with great service.

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Julien Mollinier

Julien Mollinier

Head of Europe, and Head of Credit and Surety

T: +41 4421 36116

E: julien.mollinier@aspen-re.com

Jakob Lenke

Jakob Lenke

Senior Underwriter, Property Treaty

T: +41 44 213 6110

E: jakob.lenke@aspen-re.com

Daniela Tichelaar-Löwe

Daniela Tichelaar-Löwe

Underwriter, Property Treaty

T: +41 44 213 6119

E: daniela.tichelaar-loewe@asp...

Abdallah Balbeisi

Abdallah Balbeisi

Head of Middle East and North Africa

T: +971 4561 4517

E: abdallah.balbeisi@aspen-re.com

Philip Hough

Philip Hough

Global Head of Property

T: +65 6408 1055

E: philip.hough@aspen-re.com

Soon Keen Lee

Soon Keen Lee

Head of Asia

T: +65 6408 1079

E: soonkeen.lee@aspen-re.com

Dan Bryan

Senior Underwriter, Property Treaty

T: +65 6408 1091

E: Dan.Bryan@aspen-re.com

Peter Panayi

Peter Panayi

Head of Property Treaty, London & Underwriting Manager, Canada

T: +44 20 7184 8553

E: peter.panayi@aspen-re.com

David Motley

David Motley

Underwriter, Property Treaty

T: +44 20 7184 8030

E: david.motley@aspen-re.com

Andrew Mellor

Andrew Mellor

Head of International Catastrophe

T: +1 441 297 9377

E: andrew.mellor@aspen-re.com

Jessie Masters

Underwriter, Property Treaty

T: +1 441 297 9331

E: jessie.masters@aspen-re.com

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