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Glass Lewis recommends Aspen shareholders reject Endurance proposals

16th July

Glass Lewis joins ISS and Egan-Jones in recommending shareholders execute and return Aspen’s BLUE revocation card Today Glass, Lewis & Co., LLC, a leading independent proxy advisory firm, has...

Leading proxy advisory firms ISS and Egan-Jones reject both Endurance's proposals

11th July

Both advisory firms conclude special meeting to expand Aspen board and scheme of arrangement are not warranted and recommend that Aspen shareholders sign, date and return blue revocation card to rejec...

Aspen announces expected results for Q2 2014

10th July

Diluted Book Value Per Share between $44.60 and $44.80; Up 4.4–4.9% from March 31, 2014 Diluted Operating Earnings Per Share between $1.30–1.35 Diluted Earnings Per Share between $1.70–1.75 Annua...

Aspen mails third letter to shareholders

10th July

Highlights Strong Preliminary Results, Operating Momentum and Benefits of Investments in Business Urges Shareholders to Sign, Date and Return BLUE Revocation Card to REJECT Endurance Proposals A...

Aspen mails second letter to shareholders

1st July

Urges shareholders to sign, date and Return BLUE revocation card to REJECT Endurance proposals Raises issues about value of Endurance offer, coercive legal tactics and governance practices Aspen...