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Aspen’s strategy is focused on niche Marine, Energy Liabilities and Inland Marine products, technical underwriting and a strong distribution, risk management and engineering culture.

The team strives to build a balanced and diversified portfolio, applying cyclical or counter-cyclical strategies to achieve consistent and profitable results.

The team actively chooses market segments locally and aligns products and partners to create a competitive advantage and exploit market opportunities as they arise. Their underwriting and operational framework combines a technical approach to risk selection and a disciplined approach to underwriting guidelines, rating plans, authorities, together with both a strict referral process and a peer review process.

Aspen values strong partnerships with producers and clients, believing that sustainable relationships are built on a foundation of mutual respect and long term profitability. The team will continue to expand production in order to develop a greater spread of business with the large National brokers, regional wholesale producers as well as the smaller local brokers/agents.