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International Environmental

Creative and innovative environmental liability cover tailored for you.

To prevent and resolve environmental damage, the Council of the European Union has set out a framework for environmental liability intended to ensure that the polluter always pays. The polluter's liability now includes both environmental damage and imminent threat of damage resulting from occupational activities where it is possible to establish a causal link between the damage and the activity.

Two complementary situations are identified and each one is governed by a different liability scheme: occupational activities specifically mentioned in the directive and other occupational activities.

General liability policies provide cover for damage to third-party property or injury but they don't normally provide cover for gradual pollution, environmental clean-up costs and contingencies such as business interruption and legal costs. The new regulations require polluters to clean up the environment and perhaps even to provide additional compensatory or complementary resolution.

It is vital that you understand these changes and how they affect your insurance requirements now and in the future. Environmental damage regulations are under continual review and even a small change can leave you under-insured. Our expert underwriters can support you as regulations change and assist you to tailor cover that meets your specific needs.