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Active Assailant

Active Assailant incidents pose a severe and unpredictable risk to both businesses and people.

2017 saw an increase in the frequency and severity of these incidents through both lone wolf gunmen and terrorist attacks, this has become a very real threat to all institutions.

Aspen Crisis Management has a wealth of experience across terrorism and wider crisis management enabling a unique perspective on the different facets and motivations of an active assailant incident.

We are well-positioned to provide coverage that meets all aspects of an event, including response capability from our exclusive partners NYA, a GardaWorld company, who can manage pre-incident training through to post-incident recovery.

Aspen offers specialist insurance cover, to prepare for these ever-changing threats.

Our Active Assailant product provides the best possible protection from the unpredictable threat posed by this type of incident.


Insured Event

  • Active Assailant Incident – A deliberate malicious physical attack by an Active Assailant at a covered location who is present and armed with a weapon (including handheld instruments, small arms, explosives and vehicles), and the subsequent action of Authorities.
  • Threat Incident – Any specific threats to inflict bodily injury, or damage, destroy or contaminate property.


  • Legal Liability – Coverage for the Damages and Claim Expenses an insured will become legally obligated to pay following an incident.
  • Physical Damage – Coverage for the cost of physical loss, damage or destruction to Insured property resulting from an Active Assailant incident.
  • Business Interruption – Indemnification for business interruption loss resulting from physical damage or denial of access following an incident.
  • Extra Expenses – Cover for a range of extra expenses and costs likely to be incurred by an insured.
  • Response Fees – The Cost of Critical Incident response from our market leading security consultants NYA, a GardaWorld company