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Primary Casualty

Stephen Perrella

Executive Vice President & Chief of Claims, US Insurance

Tel: +1 646 502 1038

Aspen's Primary Casualty Claims team provides policyholders with experienced claims handling and loss services in support of all general liability products.

These products include primary liability coverage for contractors, premises liability, products liability and other similar products.

The Primary Casualty Claims team is staffed with seasoned claims professionals who have the ability to handle the claims and business issues which may arise in connection with the most sophisticated risks in the commercial, service and manufacturing industries.

In addition, these claims professionals work with underwriters to create insurance products and solutions for policyholders that address their unique business needs. This integration of claims and underwriting is a key differentiator for Aspen as it enables us to produce the most comprehensive solutions for our customers.

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Primary Casualty at Aspen

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Primary casualty insurance