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We're tough on causes of claims so clients can work in confidence

The problem
We provide employer's liability insurance to a policyholder who had seen a rise in the level of employee sickness and absences. A key priority was to reduce lost working time – especially as, under exsiting procedures, the policyholder could not establish whether accidents at work were causing these injuries. Losing working hours was a significant problem that needed a solution.

The solution
We provide rehabilitation services as a standard loss mitigation strategy for all our liability claims. Working with the policyholder, we developed and refined the way absences were recorded. A protocol was put in place where the policyholder carried out an immediate assessment of the absentee's circumstances and, on meeting certain criteria, agreed to the services of our rehabilitation panel provider at a beneficial hourly rate. And this rehabilitation process was managed for the best financial and clinical effect under our supervision.

Following the assessment, we established whether a legal liability would trigger our policy. And if there were grey areas, we agreed to fund the rehabilitation. If the injury was not work-related then the employer paid for this activity – at the beneficial hourly rate.

The benefits
Our client demonstrated their commitment to occupational health and the well-being of employees, regardless of the cause of injury, leading to greater staff satisfaction. And the number of working hours lost was reduced, benefiting the business. 

All of this was enabled by our strong relationship with both the broker and the policyholder.