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Kidnap and Ransom

Guy Northam

Director of Underwriting, Accident & Specialty Risks

Tel: 0207 184 8000

Kidnap & Ransom insurance is a complex and challenging field that requires the highest level of expertise and commitment.

We have many years of experience in this difficult area. Our kidnap and ransom products provide flexible, bespoke protection across the full range of risks – including everything from ransom payments to legal costs, medical expenses and the fees of the various professionals often needed to help solve delicate, painful and potentially very costly situations.

Our team provides the best possible kidnap and ransom protection, backed by an unparalleled level of expertise and the kind of service that makes our clients treat us as close partners.

Contact us at info@aspen-apj.com

Aspen APJ: Our K&R Specialists


Aspen APJ is a closely-integrated Aspen subsidiary which specialises in Kidnap and Ransom, Piracy and Personal Accident insurance.

Visit the new Aspen APJ website to get more information on their insurance products and response services.

Visit the new Aspen APJ website