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Accident & Health

Peter Slot

Global Head of Accident & Health

Tel: +44 20 7184 8465

A company is defined by its people; what happens to the individual can affect the group, sometimes in a profound way.

Aspen's Global Accident & Health team differentiate themselves by focussing on niche business and relationships. While many carriers only operate in London with limited class expertise or service capability, we offer expertise, a flexible approach and a truly global reach, with an ability to write on both Lloyd’s and Company paper.

Our team is made up of individuals with excellent reputations in the Accident & Health market, reputations earned by offering unparalleled service capability and providing swift and helpful responses to requests and submissions.

We travel frequently to maintain our longstanding relationships with producers with face-to-face contact and we work closely with clients to provide innovative, flexible solutions for niche businesses. We have a wide product range and risk appetite, writing both open market and delegated authority business, utilising our dedicated Delegated Underwriting Authority team who ensure fast and effortless due diligence, including working with managing general underwriters in several countries. This service helps guides our distribution partners through the compliance and regulatory process.

We’ve developed a global business covering the London market, Europe, the Americas, Canada, Australia, Africa and Asia Pacific using our five underwriting platforms with strong ratings: our Lloyd's syndicate, UK insurance company, two US companies and a reinsurance operation. We offer our clients the most appropriate platform for their needs.

We focus on insurance products that afford protection for individuals, groups and companies from the consequences of accidental death, disability and global travel. Our claims capability offers the experience and sensitivity to handle either a single-person loss or a major event such as an air crash, natural catastrophe or terrorist attack.

We are also specialist reinsurers and we provide protection for a wide range of reinsurance clients, both large and small, on an excess of loss and proportional basis.

Personal Accident benefits

Our normal maximums are:

  • US$5,000,000 any one person
  • US$25,000,000 any one accumulation
  • US$25,000,000 any one program

Products and cover

Aspen Insurance offer an extensive range of accident and health covers, including:

  • Individual and group PA/disability
  • Credit card
  • Evacuation/repatriation
  • Expatriate and Specialist Medical Expenses
  • War
  • Occupational accident
  • Medical expenses
  • Aviation PA
  • Sports PA/disability
  • Treaty reinsurance cat and risk excess
  • Specialist products