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Our Approach

We apply intelligence, experience and insight to every part of our business.

Different situations require different solutions, which is why we consider all options before we decide on the best way forward – whether we're planning our business strategies, weighing up a risk or handling our clients' claims.

This focus on flexibility allows us to tailor innovative solutions for our clients and build long-term relationships that provide them with continuing value well into the future. That means getting to know our clients, their needs and their challenges so we can provide them with the best possible products and services.

We carefully choose where we apply our expertize and take an intellectual approach to everything we do as we continue to build a diversified and increasingly international business. We look at risk management as a way of adding value, not just minimizing downside, managing our investment portfolio actively. And we share our expertize – drawing on our skills and experience to offer opinion and informed insight to our clients, providing a whole new layer of value.

Intelligence embodies the essence of what we do at Aspen, making us one of our industry's leading experts in specialty insurance and reinsurance.